Selecting Your Vision

Your wedding day is a collection of several significant and beautiful moments. Whether you would like your first dance or your loved ones toasting to your happiness preserved on canvas is up to you.

To make sure your painting is perfect, Stephanie meets with you before your big day to work out all the details. Who must be included in the painting, what view point you would like, and other elements will be defined so you have nothing to worry about on your big day.

Prepare the Setting

Stephanie arrives early to your venue in order to paint your wedding painting background. Be it your ceremony or reception venue, she details the landscape, building, and decorations first. In this way, she will have time to focus on you when the celebration begins.

If you would like a particular angle or part of your venue as the background of your live wedding painting, she makes sure to depict it beautifully. The venue’s splendor is captured in regard to lighting, color palette, and decoration so when you step into the painting, you are the focal point.



Capture the Moment

Throughout your celebration, Stephanie paints in full view and invites people to watch, interact, and even add a little to the painting. Your guests will enjoy watching the image take shape, and love the moment they recognize themselves within the painting.

By the end of the festivities, your wedding masterpiece will be practically complete. Additional details and touch ups are added back at the studio to perfect your wedding painting, and when it is finished, you have a beautiful painting that commemorates your magical night.


Once you decide on your vison for your wedding masterpiece, the next step is choosing your canvas size! Stephanie recommends that you consider the space in which your painting will hang, and make sure the canvas will fit nicely, with or without a frame. After all – you are commissioning original art for your home!