Live wedding painting has been my passion for 7 years, and I would be delighted to paint at your wedding.
If you have read the information above and are excited to work together, please contact me to confirm and secure your date.

Torregrossa Fine Art requires a retainer payment of $1,000. This payment part of the total, not in addition to the total. The remaining balance may be paid in a standard schedule of three (3) payments (one due half-way, one due a month before the wedding, and the last payment due the week of the wedding) or can be split into smaller, more frequent payments. I will work with you on a payment schedule that works for you. The last payment is due on or before the wedding date.

How much is required to book a live wedding painter?

If it's not in the cards for me to paint live at your wedding, whether it's due to lack of availability or budget, I would be delighted to create a painting for you after the wedding, using a professional photograph as a reference. I do these often, and they are incredibly special works of art. A commissioned portrait will range in size and price from 18"x24" of two people - $3,000 to 36" x 48" of 10 people - $9,500. For a customized quote based on your vision for your painting, please click the button below to submit a portrait order form.

How much does a painting after the wedding cost?

Of course you can! Whether you want the painting to focus just on the bride and the groom, or you want to include your entire family and bridal party, It is my job to create a painting that matches your vision. After you share about how many people you'd like to include in your painting, I will send you a customized proposal, including three options that will vary in canvas size and price. If you are unsure of how many people you want in your painting, I will offer options that will reflect different numbers of guests. All proposals are based on your vision, and may change at your request. 

Can I choose who is in the painting, and how much will extra people cost?

The cost to hire Torregrossa Fine Art to paint at your wedding will start at $5,000. This cost includes all supplies needed to create the painting, nearly a decade of experience painting at weddings with ever-improving technique and speed, and the actual painting itself, completed to your satisfaction and made ready for pickup or shipment. Packaging and shipping costs included (if necessary), travel fees are not included.

How much does a live wedding painting cost?

Live painting PRICING FAQ


Where one might notice each individual element in a room separately, Stephanie sees the scene before her as a whole, composing her live paintings with technical skill and creative authority. Her authentic good nature invites you to watch closely, and her ability to capture detail will blow you away.


From traditional oil portraits, to custom artwork that fits your home perfectly, Stephanie loves to work one-on-one with client's to create something that they will cherish for a lifetime. 

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