Here's a little bit about me...

I'm Stephanie!
I am an artist, entrepreneur, entertainer, and wine drinker - oftentimes simultaneously. 

Life is crazy, isn't it! I took a leap of faith when I quit my job at 23, and began a business that had one mission: to serve people by bringing them joy through my artwork; and that mission has remained the same until today. 

As a live wedding artist, my weekends are spent creating timeless works of art for newlyweds that capture a moment in time that they can reminisce upon for their rest of their lives. I mean, how special is that? The rest of the time, I can be found in my studio (no surprise, right?!) making the visions of my clients come to life through custom paintings.

my story

in a nut shell...

My journey as a creative entrepreneur began with a desire for more - more purpose, more financial freedom, more control of how I spent my time... and more painting, obvi. 

My first job out of college was as a graphic/web designer for a small ad agency. This "job" kept me fulfilled and motivated for less than one whole year before I knew I needed to do something else. I had been painting since childhood, and continued to dabble throughout my college years, but only for fun. Never in my life did I consider painting full time.. for money. I had also never run a business before (not even an Etsy shop you guys) and I didn't know much about it other than the basic framework: find someone who could benefit from the services you provide, convince that someone to hire you, do the work (and do it well), and get paid. However, this extrovert was miserable sitting behind a desk all day, so something had to change.

I am bold, creative, passionate and genuine... 

and so are you.

Light bulb.

"You know what you could totally probably do..."  I tried to convince myself one day. "If you figured out what people were most excited and passionate about, you could PAINT THAT THING and they would BUY IT. Maybe. I don't know, lets give it a try."

Within two years of graduating from college, I boldly stepped out into the world as "Torregrossa Fine Art and Design," and scraped together enough custom painting and freelance graphic design clients that first month to pay for rent and dog food. It took guts to quit and start from scratch, and too many sacrifices to count, but I have known from day 1 that THIS is what I was put on this earth to do, and I haven't looked back.

Since 2013, I have painted live at more than 120 weddings, and created hundreds of pet portraits and countless unique & custom pieces. What started as a little flame of desire to bring people joy with my artwork, has turned into a 6 figure business that allows me not only to paint at weddings around the world, but also to share my passion with you and encourage you to appreciate the beauty in your life, and maybe capture that beauty on canvas. 

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meet calvin

"Happiness equals reality minus expectations."
- Tom Magliozzi


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