Live Wedding Painting

The Process

Wedding planning and decision-making can be overwhelming, I know this firsthand, so I've streamlined my booking process to help you develop or clarify your vision for your painting, select the perfect canvas size for your space, and book your date quickly and without hassle. 

I also understand that you may have tons of questions about my process as a live wedding painter, and I am delighted to answer them. Consider the criteria below when booking your wedding artist.

Live Event Painting is a unique and entertaining wedding and event service where an artist creates a painting from start to finish as the event unfolds.

It is mesmerizing to watch, and the work of art produced will be cherished for a lifetime.

Stephanie paints with a relatively realistic style. The figures in her paintings are drawn with near perfect proportions, from the dimples on their cheeks down to the lace detail in the bride's gown. When she studies the room, she notices all the details that you spent months obsessing over, and she makes sure to include each piece.

With this attention to detail, Stephanie works closely with her brides, hand-selecting the recognizable people she will add in the painting before the wedding day.


If would like your wedding painter to work quietly and undisturbed in a corner or separate room, then please continue your search.

Stephanie's extroverted personality makes her approachable and entertaining. She enjoys dancing along with the music, and truly adding more energy to the party. She welcomes all questions, comments and compliments with a smile and candid reply.

You may even see her pass the brush to one of the kids who are bound to be captivated by her performance. 


Live Wedding Painting Considerations

Every wedding is a unique adventure, designed around the couples' aesthetic and personal taste. Stephanie's wedding paintings are unique works of art that are tailored to fit your vision, emphasize your design elements, and fit beautifully in your home.

These are, in fact, everlasting works of art.

Live wedding painting pricing varies based on canvas size, the time frame of the ceremony and reception, and the number of people included in the painting. Prices start at $5,000.


Stephanie works independently, and does not have back-ups or other artists to provide when she is booked for a certain date. Your first move should be to confirm availability on your date as soon as possible. This also determines if another artist will be a better fit.

Stephanie does not book December weddings, however, if your wedding is in December, or if she is or was unavailable for your date, she can create a painting of your wedding or reception scene using your professional photographs as references. Contact her for more details.


You’re here because you want a live wedding painting that you will be proud to showcase in your home, not just an interesting painting that was made at your wedding. You want to be transported back to your sweet wedding day by the intricate details your artist captured in your painting. You want your portrait to look just like you.

If you have read the information above and are excited to work together, contact Stephanie to confirm and secure your date.


Kind Words

"Where one might notice each individual element in a room separately, Stephanie sees the scene before her as a whole, composing her live paintings with technical skill and creative authority. Her authentic good nature invites you to watch closely, and her ability to capture detail will blow you away."

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