There is something so magical about the creation of a painting. Using a number of reference photos, an artist can create a scene that has never, or can never happen. A moment that one might only dream of. A moment like a father walking her daughter down the aisle at her wedding; a father who has passed away. 

Stephanie can make this moment a reality, in the form of a canvas painting. 

Using old photos of your father, you in your dress - and details that you intend to add to your venue, and a number of photos of the venue, your bouquet and other things - Stephanie can create this moment for you before you wedding has even happened, so that you may display the painting at your wedding, and cherish it forever after. 

The painting - the gift of this father daughter escort - is also the most memorable gift you could give to a bride-to-be who has lost her father. Stephanie will work with you on the references listed above, and will bring this moment to life. 

Father-Daughter Walk Painting Commissions

The Process of commissioning a painting

The Process

Commissioning artwork is the process of hiring an artist to create a piece of art, based on the client's request. It is often and emotional and person investment, and hiring the right artist for the job is essential. Stephanie is a uniquely talented artist and can work with you to bring your vision to life on canvas.

Commissions are currently closed.

Commissions are currently closed. Please click the button below to contact Stephanie about your portrait order.

I understand that you may have tons of questions about the process of creating a painting from a photograph, and I am delighted to answer them. You might find the answers quickly in my FAQs, but if not, please email me directly at



Begin with a conversation with the artist, describing your vision for your painting. Stephanie is delighted to bring any subject to life on canvas, from family portraits to architectural pieces to pet portraits.

Select your favorite high quality reference photo, or scheduled a photoshoot to get the best shot. Your artist will require a very clear image to use as a reference for the painting.

Next, choose your desired canvas size and format, vertical or horizontal. Stephanie can help you make the best decision based on the space in which to hang your painting as well as the reference photo she'll be working with.

Once the plan is created, you will receive a contract and invoice to secure your spot on Stephanie's order list. Turn around times will vary, please feel free to reach out with questions!

Father-Daughter Walk Painting Commissions

for the brides who lost their father before the wedding


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