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1. What type of paint/material do you use?

I paint with high quality water-based acrylic paint on pre-stretched canvas. The paint is non-toxic and extremely quick drying, allowing for easy cleanup and transport of the painting after an event.

2. Can I request who is featured in my wedding painting?

Of course! Usually, I am not be able to recognize your specific guests, so I ask that you assign a patron to point out your chosen guests to me during the reception. Each package that I offer includes a certain number of guests that can be included, from 2 (the Intimate Package) to about 20 (the Masterpiece). Additional people/details can always be added after the event, or we can agree on a custom package that includes the exact number of people you really want . Each package option includes a number of off-site painting hours as well, during which time these additions may be made.

3. Will you require any special provisions from the venue?

My setup is minimal and usually does not require assistance from event staff. I supply my own portable easel. Your site only needs to arrange for a small painting area in advance of my arrival, which need not take up more than approximately 4′ X 6′, indoors or outdoors. The site also needs to have a nearby power outlet for my lamp, a water source, and a place to dump paint water such as a wash sink. Also, I will need to set up in a spot that gives me a good view of the scene I will be painting. 

4. What is required to book you for my event?

Once we confirm that I am available for your date, and you choose your package and approve the quote (which may include a travel/boarding fee), I will then send you a contract to sign, and an invoice for a 25% deposit.

Your date will be secured on my calendar when I receive the signed contract and deposit payment.

5. My venue will only let you set up one hour before the event begins, is that enough time?

Though arriving 2 hours in advance is ideal (preferably more time for the Masterpiece package), I only need about 20 minutes to get everything set up to start live painting. I have been able to produce finished-looking paintings over the course of a 3-hour reception with less than an hour to set up before the event. For the "Deluxe" and "Masterpiece" packages, additional studio painting is included, but for special cases, I can complete any painting in my studio if the event is shorter than 3 hours. 

6. My ceremony will only be 20-30 minutes long - can you still paint it live?

Since ceremonies are so short and captivate 100 percent of your guests’ attention, it is ideal for me to arrive as early as possible so I can paint the background before the ceremony. I usually paint as much as I can during the ceremony itself but also take photos for reference. Following the ceremony, I like to stay for the reception and finish your painting by working from my photos so that guests are able to watch the ceremony painting’s progress while they’re enjoying the party! If I cannot stay for the reception, then I will finish the painting in my studio based on my photos.

Please note: I cannot (or have not yet been allowed to) live paint during church ceremonies / full mass services. If you wish to have any part of the church ceremony captured on canvas, I will happily do so - I would paint at the reception, working from reference photographs taken during the service.

7. where are you located, and would you travel to my venue?

I am based in New Orleans, La, and would absolutely travel to your location. Travel costs such as airfare and accommodations will be added to your package cost, and are quoted as such:

Out of town = $1 per mile from New Orleans, Louisiana.
Out of state = $500 for airfare and 1 night hotel stay
International = $1,200 for airfare and 2 nights hotel stay

Local events (within New Orleans city limits) do not require travel compensation. 

8. You are/were booked for my wedding! Could you do a painting from a photograph?

Sorry I missed it! I would be happy to create a customized painting for you based on photo or video documentation of your event. This allows me the flexibility to work at my own pace, without the pressure of performing and completing it in limited time. Professional photographs also provide a clearer image of the bride and groom than can be experienced at the event, which is a look some clients prefer. You may choose a size and style that fits your budget.

9. how long does it take to get my painting back after the wedding?

Depending on the time of year, and number of hours spent on touch-ups in the studio, your live painting will be made available for pickup within 2-6 weeks of the wedding date. During busier times of year, like the month before Christmas, your painting may take a bit longer to finish. You will be informed when your painting is finished, and it can be picked up locally or shipped directly to your front door. If I travel out of state to your wedding, I typically stay in your area an extra day or two to complete the painting, and then arrange a pick up before my flight back.

10. do you offer any bonus packages, special deals or discounts?

Included in the "Deluxe" and "Masterpiece" packages is a high quality digital image of the painting that can be used to create quality canvas prints, thank you cards, or matted photo prints! These, and many more creative applications of the painting, can be customized and added to your order. I would also be happy to create small original paintings or drawings from photos following your event.

Torregrossa Fine Art is proud to support our active military, first responders like police and firemen, and nurses by offering an exclusive discount to any of the above. Please mention your job title in your inquiry, and please prepare to provide a valid ID.

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