that which you love the most - captured on canvas

When I quit my job as a graphic designer, I knew one thing for sure: my new mission would be to serve people in a way that only I could, and bring them a world of joy in the process. I know that as human beings, when we love something, it's all we want to think about! So what better gift to give a loved one (or yourself - yes, here's your permission to treat yourself every now and then) than a colorful piece of art that captures that thing that you love! 

In the beginning, I did a ton of custom pet portraits, because that was a product that once shared on social media, spread like wildfire. Today, I still do a lot of pet portraits (and I love 'em, so keep 'em coming!) but now people continue to surprise and inspire me with their unique and heartfelt requests, including family and anniversary portraits, the house they grew up in, their spouse's treasured hunting camp, and so much more! 

"Cherish your visions. Cherish your ideals. Cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts."   - James Allen

So, if you've got a vision in mind, and you're ready to get started, click the button below to fill out the form, or continue reading to learn more information about the process! 

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The process is a piece of cake:


Click the button above, and fill out the form with details and information about your custom piece.

Stephanie will make all other stylistic and aesthetic decisions based on her usual process. In a response to your inquiry, you will be asked to attach a high quality reference photo. Please be specific in your request for detail in the form. Stephanie will be able to serve you best with a quote tailored to your specific vision.




* Deposit = 50% of total

Once this has been signed and the deposit paid, your order will be added to the queue. Stephanie works on commissioned orders intermittently with her own personal work, so please clarify a deadline request and she will prioritize your order accordingly.



This is fun part! Stephanie will dive into working on your piece and upon completion, will send you photos for approval. You are welcome to come see it in person at the studio as well.

* Stephanie’s mission is to create a painting that brings your vision to life, so if you are not immediately pleased with the result, she will work with you on clarifying your vision, and making minor corrections, adjustments or additions. In an effort not to waste time or to accrue charges for added painting time, please be clear in the initial request form.


We will email you an invoice that you can pay online via PayPal or credit card, or via postal mail by check or money order. A non-refundable 50% deposit will be due upon agreement, and final 50% payment will be due after approval, before delivery.

Shipping cost will be included in the initial estimate, and can be waived if you plan to pick up locally. Please note that all paintings over 48×48″ will be shipped rolled in a tube along with stretcher bars for re-stretching. 

All sales are final. Please contact Stephanie immediately if your item(s) arrive damaged.




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