Avoiding "bad luck" scenarios

Communicating clearly with clients

Inside this guide, you'll get strategies for:

Guaranteeing a satisfied client

Making the most of your time

Legally protecting you and your clients

Being authentic in your work

A fine artist, live wedding painter and contemporary portraitist. A wife, a mother, a leader and small business owner, and a mentor for artists.

Meet Stephanie Gaffney

about the artist & Educator

Experience has taught me a lot of lessons about having a service-based fine art business, and I want to share that knowledge with you.

You and I have a lot in common. We are artists, working tirelessly to find the connection, the sweet spot, between what we want to create, and what our clients want from us. 

After finding this sweet spot for my art business years ago, it has become my passionate mission to help you build the dynamic, profitable and sustainable fine art business you desire, by propelling your painting style development, business acumen, and artistic brand.

It would be an honor and a joy to become a part of your creative journey.


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