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If you are the type of person who loves to laugh, dance, and hold onto special memories for a really long time, then I think you and I will get along just fine. (Extra points if you love wine and/or margaritas.)

In the past few years I have learned a lot about the art of capturing life on canvas (in real time... in front of large groups of people...) and believe it or not, my passion for this kind of live painting has grown more and more every day.

Join me on my journey as an artist, and laugh with me as I make creative mistakes, jump hurdles in business, and make my dreams of success come true! 

I'm a fine artist and creative entrepreneur in South Louisiana, best known for my live wedding paintings.

I'm Stephanie!

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Stephanie Gaffney is a master at capturing the unique charm of each wedding, and is able to paint the magic of the day as it develops before her eyes. With each glance at the room and stroke of the brush, she captures the essence of the love and happiness that fills the air.

Capture a fleeting moment in time in a beautiful and entertaining art form that dates back to the Renaissance - a live wedding painting.

"Our painting is so gorgeous, and so life-like!"

Jeremy & HAyley

Marche' • New Orleans, La

"Stephanie was AMAZING! Our painting is gorgeous, and so life-like! She captured the most perfect moments from our special night! Stephanie is very professional, but she has fun! She even did the Footloose with my guests!

Our wedding was in mid March, and I am still getting calls about the live painting!"

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