"Stephanie captured us perfectly"

Brian & Sophia

New Orleans board of trade • New Orleans, LA

I am so glad we chose Torregrossa Fine Art for our live wedding painting. Most of our guests had never seen a live painting and they're still talking about it. It was a hit!

We just received the final product and love it. Stephanie captured us perfectly (and even omitted a pimple or two:) Stephanie was a breeze to work with, super personable, and responsive. We recommend her without hesitation.

"Stephanie's artwork is truly amazing"

Cole & Michlynn

Boudreaux's • Baton Rouge, LA

June 2nd 2018 is a day that my wife and I will forever remember. Thanks to Stephanie we have a painting that we will cherish for many years. It’s amazing how she can capture an entire nights emotion in a painting.

Hands down best wedding gift anyone has given us! Stephanie quite simply does top shelf work.

"She Captured the details of our first dance perfectly."

Devin & Jessica

Omni Royal Orleans • New Orleans, LA

"Stephanie was amazing. She worked efficiently and quietly and created a piece for us that we will cherish for the rest of our lives. 

All of my guests enjoyed watching her work. She delivered a stellar product within the agreed upon timeframe. She captured the details of our first dance perfectly. 

I highly, highly recommend hiring Stephanie for your own wedding."

"the paint reflects the exact color."

Patrick & Sharon

Chateau Country Club • Kenner, LA

"Stephanie is so talented! She went above and beyond to be able to paint at my wedding. 

Stephanie was easy to work with and helped with selecting the scene we wanted. After choosing the first dance she worked with me to organize a list of our friends and family to be painted into the scene and ensured that she had everyone stop by her setup to capture fine details. She paints with so much detail you can instantly recognize everyone and you can even see our wedding rings! My dress had a blush undertone and the painting reflects the exact color. Stephanie’s artwork is truly amazing and we are so happy to have this piece in our home to brings us back to our wedding night and first dance!"

"I love reliving that day every time I catch a glance!"

Sean & Erin

Gabriel's House • St. Gabriel, LA

Stephanie was absolutely amazing. We decided to do a painting instead of a videographer and I do not regret it one bit!! She was so fun and professional, and EVERYONE commented how much they loved watching her. 

I’ve gotten so many people who have told us “we’ve never seen that before! She was awesome!” My 3 yo godchild even identified everyone in the painting. It’s hanging in our living room and I love reliving that day every time I catch a glance! 

Highly recommend!"

"You were right, mom, it was awesome."

Tyler & Bridget 

Capitol Park Museum • Baton Rouge, LA

"I chose Stephanie to paint at my daughter’s wedding. My daughter was somewhat indifferent about it. After the reception, one of the first things she said to me was “You were right Mom, it was awesome. Everyone was talking about it!” 

Stephanie was fun and engaging and we are so happy with the painting. It was a beautiful night and we will have this a reminder. We also ordered note cards of the print and my daughter used them to send thank you notes. 

I would highly recommend Stephanie!"

"Our painting is so gorgeous, and so life-like!"

Jeremy & HAyley

Marche' • New Orleans, La

"Stephanie was AMAZING! Our painting is gorgeous, and so life-like! She captured the most perfect moments from our special night! Stephanie is very professional, but she has fun! She even did the Footloose with my guests!

Our wedding was in mid March, and I am still getting calls about the live painting!"

"We will cherish her custom painting forever!"

Robert & Courtney

Capitol park museum • Baton ROuge, La

I cannot say enough about how wonderful and talented Stephanie Torregrossa is – we will cherish her custom painting forever! She was also a huge hit at our wedding, guests loved being able to watch her live paint our first dance throughout the entire reception. It is now hung in our home and is the perfect daily reminder of how much fun and love we felt on our wedding day!

Highly recommend!"

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I'm Stephanie, a fine artist and entrepreneur in South Louisiana, best known for my live wedding and event paintings. 

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