Remember Your Night Forever with a
Live Wedding Painting for Your Louisiana Wedding

From the timeless oak trees to the historical buildings, Louisiana brings beauty to every wedding. At your Louisiana wedding, having a true southerner to capture your perfect day can make all the difference.

Born and raised in Louisiana, live wedding painter Stephanie knows the ins and outs of southern celebrations. Bringing a little extra magic to your wedding, Stephanie captures your special moment as it unfolds in a live wedding painting. Combining the charm of tradition and the fun of being unique, a live wedding painting provides entertainment for your guests and a life-long reminder of your special day.


Live Wedding Painting Entertainment in Louisiana

From Jackson Square in New Orleans to the Caspiana Plantation in Caspiana and everywhere in between, Stephanie will capture your lively wedding in detail with vibrant paint. Using a realistic style so you’ll recognize your guests in the painting, you’ll adore seeing your special moment on canvas. Visit Stephanie throughout the night to see your painting come to life with each brush stroke.

As you start your life together, relive your wedding day with a charming painting of you and your loved one. Commemorate your wedding in a way that is as unique as you are! Combine the tradition of a beautiful painting with your once-in-a-lifetime moment for a wonderful heirloom you can share throughout the years.

Review Stephanie’s gallery to see if her realistic style fits with your Louisiana wedding vision!